2020 Run for Radios

The venue has changed but our hearts are the same. Help us send the Good News by radio to South Sudan. Every runner sends one solar radio to a family.


Sat, April 18, 2020 – Thu, April 30, 2020

6:00 AM – 9:00 PM CDT


Your neighborhood



Instead of meeting at Houston Christian on April 25th, we are asking you to Run for Radios at home. 1. From April 18-30th, pick a day to run/walk a 5K in your neighborhood or complete 4,000 steps at home. 2. Post on Facebook / Instagram a selfie of you finishing the 5K and/or screenshot of your run stats with #runforradios. And answer the question: Why did I run for radios? 3. Challenge your friends to join you in running for radios. Let’s get more radios to South Sudan! We want to thank our event sponsors for running alongside us for radios: - Houston's First Baptist Church - PennComp - The Ambrose Group - i3

TICKETS Selected during registration

Run for Radios - Individual

$30.00 per ticket

Runner sends one solar radio to South Sudan.

Run for Radios - Family of 4

$100.00 per ticket

4 attendees per ticket

Each family member who runs sends one solar radio to South Sudan.